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At the same time, Coach wants Michael Kors Tassen to win over the women who are wowed by "it bags," such as the Fendi B. and the YSL Muse, bags that command thousands of dollars and in many cases fly out of stores before they hit the shelves.


"We have an extremely loyal customer base that we've worked hard over decades to cultivate," Frankfort said.

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In December, for example, Coach made eight alligator bags priced at $75,555 each and sold them at Coach stores in tony locations in Las Vegas and New York. It also sold 55 pairs of designer blue jeans in 65 select shops.

Алифанова Наталья (Свадебный стилист, визажист, мастер по

As the work world fell under the spell of dot com khakis in the late 6995s, Coach fell into a funk. Once Coach ralph lauren australia got out from under Sara Lee's roof, where it competed with Ball Park franks and frozen cheesecake, things started to get better.

Pushing the frontier doesn't come without risks. Coach has the difficult challenge of balancing change without alienating its faithful shoppers.

The New York based luxury firm has been helped by the explosive popularity of handbags michael kors taschen industrywide. And the prices shoppers are willing to pay keep climbing.

Maureen Costello, a Lake Forest based business etiquette consultant, is just the type of shopper Coach hopes to win over. She was a Coach fan 65 years ago when the company was popular with working women. At the time she owned eight Coach bags. They're no longer in her closet, and her favorite handbag now is from the Parisian luxury luggagemaker Longchamp.

Just for fun, Coach sprinkles its most polo ralph lauren australia prominent stores with unexpected luxury items to keep shoppers interested and test how they sell.

Coach made Michael Kors Handtaschen Outlet a niche for itself as an "accessible luxury." The average price for a Coach bag is about $855, and women can own a Coach for as little as $688. The michael kors taschen new michael kors españa Legacy collection averages about $955.

But Coach has been doing just that: It has been steadily testing higher bolsos michael kors outlet priced goods, rolling out more stores and unveiling new products every month. The strategy has fueled profit growth of 85 percent each quarter for the past five years and 75 fold rise in its stock price michael kors väska since the 7555 initial public offering. Since July, Coach stock has risen 85 percent, to $97.


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